General Tax Update

To All Clients


Dear valued client please note that the zimra e-services platform has perfected its portal hence all returns are being submitted online.
Kindly forward your wage bill or paye return on your given email address and or this platform on or before the 5th of every month.

VAT : All sales and purchase invoices stamemts must be submitted on or before the 5 th of every month to your given email address.

Fiscal Devices:

Zimra is issuing fiscal tax devices to many clients . Kindly do not ignore such a visit as the devices are still for free . If your company has been chosen contact our office immediately. So that we can respond promptly . However this is mostly to cash sale , over the counter shops.

To those issued with the devices it will be illegal to continue using your traditional invoice books without authority.


Kindly prepare to make payment to our 1st QPD for 2016 ‘ Its on or before the 20th of March. We will prepare Cash Flow Projections and attach to our itf 12b by the 15th.

Itf 12 and itf 12C are being processed kindly prepare to remit accordingly. Be reminded to make payment if the tax payable has been communicated.

Records Management: Kindly scan and fwd all company documemts and id copies for directors to your given email address and letter heads. Its part of our record management initiative.

Outstanding tax obligations: kindly clear all your declared tax obligations to avoid unnecessary interest.

PAYMENT PLAN: lts imperative to settle approved payment tax obligations on or before the agreed time lines.
The full outstanding debt becomes due and payable if we are in breach of appoved payment plan .

IMPROMPTU ZIMRA VISIT: contact our office immediately so that we can attend to them. Such visits will increase folowing the e -services introduction.

NSSA is making frontic efforts to computerise their system hence all registrations have been suspended until further notice . We will continue to submit returns manually until further notice.

Yours Faithfully

Kapiriri T
Tax Advisor

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